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In 2010 I started playing live again after a very long break from trumpet playing and following a short tour of UK theatres performing the show ‘How Blowing My Own Trumpet Nearly Killed Me', I decided to finish my own album.

I'd worked with Chucky 'Doowa' Taylor on many recordings in the past including original Hip Hop n R&B tracks and some cool stuff we did when I produced 'The Journey' for my late great friend 'Jet Harris'.and I'd been recently introduced to a great female vocalist Bryony Purdue. I did a live arrangement of Suzanne Vegas insanely hooky 'Toms Diner'  It went down so well with the audience that I decided to produce a single v of it. It's out on Feb 27th and you'll be able to download it from all good on line stores. I'll also be giving away free downloads so please keep watching this site .You can watch the video  right now HERE


Right NOW

Right NOW ...


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Thanks for looking around the site and don’t forget - I'm offering a complimentary download of the single ‘Lily Was Here’. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard, please don’t forget to check out the site from time to time to see the progress of live stuff and the new album (yet to be named), more audio clips and the dates and venues when I start doing the live gigs again. If you want to contact me regarding further info on anything on this site, please feel free to do so via my Contact Form.

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