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Crazy Lighthouse Studios

Crazy Lighthouse Studio

                 Is Nigel’s ‘Musical Workshop’ and the home of Crazy Lighthouse Records.

                 It’s not a commercial studio in the sense that you can rent time here, but more the place where Nigel works with selected artist’s and writers to produce

Music that he really believes in.

All the music you hear on this site has been Evolved, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and produced at Crazy Lighthouse Studios.

Most of the art work and indeed this very site are the products of Crazy Lighthouse.


Projects happening right now are:

Nigel's new single 'Toms Diner' 2015 with stunning vocalist ‘Bryony Purdue’ and ultra hot vocalist n Rapper ‘Chucky ‘Doowa’ Taylor’.


You can always check out what we’re up to most days by going to:


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